From John Lacy, our man in Madison, Wisconsin:

This is a conversation I had with one of my students this weekend via text, he is a police officer in Madison. I thought you all should see the results of the work we do. I’m proud to be associated with you all.

“Brad, we covered alot of material last night. I hope you’re getting something out of it that you can use on/off the job. Take Care” – JL

“All my years practicing martial arts I must admit, I’ve learned more practical applications or “real world” applications in the past 7 months with you. I have used Krav probably half a dozen times now on the job and guarantee it has saved my ass more than once and that my friend is due to you. I am learning far more than I ever thought I ever would. I would put Urban LKrav Maga as one of the most practical art forms out there and you one of the best instructors. The way you present the material allows someone to be able to leave the gym and defend themselves and others if need be. I am so glad I found you and UKM.” – Brad G. T.O. Madison Police

“Thank you my friend for the kind words” – JL

‘What a coincidence you texted me yesterday. Last night I got into a knock down drag out fight with a suspect. Right hand palm strike, kick to the groin, right knee to jaw…bad guys -) Good guys- 1…” -Brad

“Way to go Brad, ya the shit really does work lol…sounds like you performed some good retzev my friend. I’m grinning ear to ear. May I share your experience?” – JL

“Please do…it was an awesome moment for me. I WAS SO PROUD!!!! I had no doubt, but what a test brother.” – Brad