Extracts from some excellent research from Urban Krav Maga Instructor on knife attacks:

“knife attacks are most commonly ambushes, launched at short range (within 3 feet of the victim).

Attackers will lead with their free hand, effectively shielding the knife, and will stab the victim repetitively with quick short thrusts at different angles.

Attackers frequently grab and push the victim who quite often will fall to the ground.

you will be taken by surprise and you will be overwhelmed by fear and aggression

you won’t see the blade before the attack is launched

you very likely won’t be able to run away and avoid the attack

you will have very little time and space to react and deploy a counter-attack

you probably won’t be able to stop the first stab(s) so, yes, you will be you will be cut and stabbed a number of times but you might not even realise you’ve been stabbed (which is why you should always check yourself for wounds after a physical confrontation)

your movements will be restricted, your fine motor skills will be gone, you won’t able to access the knife bearing arm easily

any technique that is based on smooth arm deflection and manipulation has very little chance to work”

This, and the rest of Patrice’s work needs to inform any training that you do against knife attacks.

You can see Patrice working with me in the video below.

Read the full article on the research here: