Instructors from other Krav Maga Schools, and other Martial Arts, have bought our DVDs, seen our videos and teach our knife techniques: find out why at this Seminar.

It’s easy to say “run if the guy has a knife.” Sometimes you can’t: you may have no room to run,the guy may have grabbed you and started to stab, there may be people there that you need to save.

This is for those occasions. the course will be taken by Stewart McGill, chief Instructor of Urban Krav Maga and David Hydra Kyriacou, veteran doorman and architect of the acclaimed “Rolling Elbows Concept.”

The course will cover: knife threats;  attacks from all angles, with recoil, none of that leaving the knife hanging in the air that never happens; and third party protection i.e. defending someone who is being threatened or attacked with a blade; the psychology of the attack from the attacker’s point of view and the defender’s; use of legal improvised weapons.


Acclaim for Urban Krav Maga:

“Best ‘live’ knife techniques I have seen. Simple, direct and powerful.” 

Mike, serving police officer, Manchester.

“your knife work is superb”

Renshi Anthony Pillage

Not to be missed. Places limited, book early. See the Paypal button below.

PLACE:  FIGHTZONE, 16-22 Pritchard’s Rd, HACKNEY, London E2 9AP

TIME: 10am-4pm

DATE: Sunday 24 June 2018

PRICE: £50

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