A series of instructional videos showing the techniques we have taught over the last 10 years in our highly acclaimed Bus seminars. 

This course is primarily about how to defend yourself against a variety of attacks on a bus but can be applied to similar confined-space situations.

We cover defending strikes, grabs, chokes, knife threats and attacks etc.

This is basically the application of leveraged Urban Krav Maga and Brazilian Ju Jitsu techniques adapted for the environment and circumstances: we try to avoid throwing knees for example, not the best idea on a moving bus.

This is aimed at everyone from beginners to experienced martial artists who wish to add some of these techniques to that which they teach.

Enjoy, and feel free to message or ask any questions in the Comments section under each video.

How to buy: 

We’re going to make it available online via access to a closed Facebook Group for just £12.99

This format is superior to DVD in that

(i) you can watch it on your mobile when you’re on the go, or on your computer without all that taking out of the pack, waiting for it to load etc. etc.

(ii) you’ll be able to ask us questions about the instructional clips and related issues in the discussion section below each movie.

(iii) there’s plenty of high definition video instructionals: that’s a lot to download directly to your computer or smart phone so this way you can enjoy the benefits  without pressuring your device’s memory.

It’s just £12.99 to get access, click on the Paypal link and follow the instructions. On receipt of payment, we will message you, get your Facebook details and give you immediate access to the Online DVD, it’s that simple.

If you prefer the DVD,  just buy here and message me on kravmaga.elondon@btinternet.com

I will arrange delivery.


Check out one of the clips here, showing how you can use the environment to help the escape: